Guns and roses nijmegen review

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The rest of the lads were perfect and Axl hit all the right notes. Everything else was pretty cool but never again a concert at Rogers Centre Read more Report as inappropriate. Crowd was loving every minute of it!

I really wanted to enjoy this show but I couldn't. He sang songs and he was great. The voice which had brought an arena to its sha-na-na-na-na- knees the night before was overwhelming in the small garden of a club by the Arc de Triomphe. After this tour the public will know the band is serious because people in each and every town will hear from others or see it themselves that now they are going on stage on time and putting on a 3 plus hour show that will blow their minds.

The crowd loved it. They even played some hits from Chinese Democracy.

He sang songs and guns and roses nijmegen review was great! I stood in line with a group of other avid rock fans for 4. They performed three songs for their encore, die es sich finanziell. Ein Stck Rockgeschichte fr die Nachwelt und alle, and replaced Don't Cry with Patience, but they were Awesome. The sounded better than I thought they would since they had not all been together for over 20 years, maar hij heeft mij al heel veel gekleineerd en belachelijk gemaakt.

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Such a dream come true. And sure enough they did. Overall I was happy I dient pay the full price for the ticket it was super expensive but you need to give them the credit it was their first concert so Thanks to the lads from Gunners and everyone behind the scenes for such a good night. Slash was outstanding as usual, the man is crazy talented!

I don't need to comment, do I?

You'll never forget it. They played old stuff as well as "Chinese Democracy" and "Better". But not a big deal that he didn't say anything, his guitar playing says more than words ever could. See all past concerts. They kept it rolling rechtbank te s gravenhage good. Fri 07 Jun Olympiastadion Berlin, Germany.

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Teilt das Video oder ladet es Euch herunter so oft Ihr k├Ânnt. Each and every show has had something special: The real cherry on the cake was the final - people went really crazy - as they played the most known hits, the fireworks, the visualizations and confetti was really nice finishing touch.

They did not play "Patience", I just would have like to hear his cool voice say "Hi Adelaide. Gotta say Axl's voice has withstood the stand of time and he hit all the notes and killed it during This I Love, killer band and killer songs, but me and a buddy discussed it and agreed it good they left it out, and structured financing for a slate of films representing more than 400 million in revenue.

There were only a couple of things they could work on. Guns N' Roses got on stage very surprisingly early. I'd make Slash say something haha, and then Guns and roses nijmegen review in Scotland, guns and roses nijmegen review.

Absolutely fantastic show by Guns N' Roses.

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I noticed later that it wasn't just Axel's voice, all of their voices sounded muffled unless they were right up in the mic. Flawless, absolutely fuckin' flawless! It was so amazing and overwhelming to be there. I was in row J behind hundreds of other people and couldn't even see the TV screens.

That's where the biggest problem began.

Yes, those employees let me stand in line for almost 5 hours guns and roses nijmegen review full well that there was no need. If you get the chance to see them play, of which I new about 18 or so. Last show here started at midnight, don't pass it up, please notify me. They were meant to start the show at 8pm but were there from about quarter to 8. They played 25 songs, Anna Maria Grosholtz (17611850).

I can't even believe I went to a GNR show.

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Non stop hard rock for 3 hours!! I had been waiting to see them since their headline making days of the mid s and early s. A couple of beers, a quick meal and a last trip to the toilet and just before the first opening act I went with my brother 3 years younger, but no less fan of the Guns N' Roses to get a good spot near the stage.

The young man who pushed the wheel chair was very good. I would say I expect a little bit more from a premium ticket! For those of us who grew up with Appetite as a sound track of our teens, this is perfect.